Alaskan Snow Crab

We are excited to now offer Alaskan snow crab for sale at King Crab Leg Co. Our snow crab comes directly from the ice cold waters of the Pacific Northwest and Bering Sea. Enjoy Alaskan snow crab pieces, clusters, or cocktail claws. All are pre-cooked and arrive frozen for you to easily open, heat and serve. Order yours today.


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Enjoy Snow Crab From Alaska

No time to travel to Alaska to buy your own crab legs? No problem. At King Crab Legs Co., we offer Alaskan Snow Crab shipped overnight and delivered directly to your doorstep. Our Snow Crab is responsibly and ethically sourced from the Bering Sea off of the Alaskan coast, as well as Canada in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Sourcing Snow Crabs from natural habitats allows them to be wild-caught in a manner that does not adversely affect their population or the surrounding ecosystem. In extreme cases to meet high demands, we will backfill our Snow Crab from Norway or miles off the coast of Siberian Russia. Snow Crab Leg Clusters will arrive at your door with legs attached to the shoulders of the crab, meaning you get even more sweet, delicious meat from these delectable crabs. “Cousins” to Red King Crabs, Snow Crabs have pronounced differences: Snow Crab Legs aren’t as thick, but are generally longer, meaning there’s still plenty of meat in these crab leg clusters for a family dinner night or backyard cookout. Snow Crab Meat also shreds more easily than Red King Crab Meat, making it more versatile for particular recipes like Crab Rolls or Crab Mac & Cheese. It’s impossible to enjoy Alaskan Snow Crab any fresher — unless, of course, you travel to Alaska and catch them yourself!

Endless Snow Crab Recipes

Beyond your hankering for delectable crab, have you ever wanted to learn more about the Alaskan Snow Crab? Get your education right here, the place where you can always buy the freshest pre-cooked, blast frozen Alaskan Snow Crab Legs and Cocktail Claws at competitive prices.

So, where should you start with learning more about Snow Crab? Let's start with the basics. Our Alaskan Snow Crab is already fully cooked by professional fishermen as soon as they are landed at the dock. Once thawed, you can eat the crab meat straight out of the leg and body portion.

To heat up our Snow Crab Legs, you can easily boil, grill, steam or bake them to activate your crab cravings and satisfatcion. The versatility of Snow Crab is truly endless in the kitchen.

Alaskan Snow Crab: A Memorable Gift

Giving the gift of Snow Crab from the coast of Alaska to anyone you love is a glorious gift, indeed! Not only is it thoughtful, but it is unique and out-of-the-ordinary from your more typical gifts. Plus, it makes for an entire experience that many family members or friends can enjoy at one time, bringing people together.
That’s the true gift right there.

Wow your family, friends and any other loved ones with a gift from King Crab Legs Co. where we ship your Alaskan Snow Crab directly from the docks to their front door with overnight delivery, allowing them to immediately enjoy their amazing surprise from yours truly. And hey, if they live close enough to you, maybe they will invite you over to savor the incredible Alaskan Snow Crab flavor with them!