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Alaskan Bairdi Leg Clusters

  • Responsibly Sourced in Alaska
  • Wild-Caught
  • Fully Cooked and Flash Frozen
  • Thaw and Serve
  • Sweet Taste With a Delicate Texture


Order 12-14 oz. or 14-16 oz. Bairdi Crab Leg Clusters

Bairdi Crab Leg Clusters arrive at your doorstep with legs attached to the shoulders of the crab, meaning you get even more sweet meat from these delectable crabs. “Cousins” to Alaskan red king crabs, snow crabs have pronounced differences. Bairdi crab legs aren’t as thick, but are generally longer, meaning there’s still plenty of meat in these crab leg clusters for a family dinner night or backyard cookout.

Bairdi crab meat shreds more easily than that of the Alaskan king crab, which makes it an ideal choice if you want to add it to some of your favorite recipes, like crab mac & cheese, or mix it with mayo for a classic crab roll. Also, the more common market name, "Snow Crab", was given to this species because when cooked, the meat is a beautiful snow white color.

Responsibly Harvested Bairdi Crab Meat

The sustainability of seafood products is an issue deeply connected to King Crab Leg Co, fishing communities in Maine, and coastal communities all across the world. In order to offer you snow crab meat today and in the future, we work only with fisheries that follow all local, federal, and international rules and regulations to responsibly harvest snow crab to ensure continued access to these crustaceans for future generations.

Unmatched Quality and Freshness

King Crab Leg Co sources crab meat to be the freshest and tastiest it can be for our customers. Caught off the coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea, Bairdi crabs are immediately cooked and flash-frozen when brought into the docks. It’s impossible to experience fresher snow crab unless you take a boat out on the water and catch it yourself (which we don’t recommend). This also means Baridi Crab are the only domestic Snow Crab you can currently buy.

Some legs may break in transit and are not eligible for a refund.

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